Planting Guide

Recommendations Chart

Planting recommendations based on zone, sunlight and water requirements, bloom time, etc…CLICK HERE to view or download a PDF of the chart.

Planting and Maintenance Procedures

Ground Preparation

Till the top 12″ of the area where plants are to be grown.  The best way to improve the soil is to add organic matter such as peat, compost, or manure at a rate of 25% by volume into the planting area.


Incorporate a complete fertilizer like 10-10-10 into the soil at the time of planting.  For maximum growth, a high nitrogen fertilizer like 16-4-8 should be applied every 4 to 6 weeks after planting, beginning in early spring through late summer.  In early fall and winter, apply 5-10-15 at recommended rate.

Weed Control

For best results, incorporate a pre-emergent weed control into the planting area.  Follow label instructions for the brand you choose.  Be sure to check the label of the brand selected to assure applicability to the specific groundcover to be treated.  Applying a heavy top mulch will greatly assist weed prevention and control and increase moisture retention.

Hardiness Zone Map


Planting Guidelines and Conversion Tables